Friday, June 18, 2010

What are the Episcopalians up to now?

June 1, 2010

They're out there again. On the corner of Montecito and Bay, in front of the huge, brick church. On Palm Sunday, they marched into the church behind a trumpet and the choir. They lit a fire on the night before Easter. Now, they're on the sidewalk again -- a bunch of them milling around as if a Tuesday morning at 8:00 was some kind of special time.

They're all looking up now. Oh, one of them is up on top of the tower. It looks as if they're going to run a new flag up the flagpole. They got together to celebrate that? Wait, there's a second flag. Hey, it's a rainbow flag. The flag that signifies unity and that everyone is welcome inside the church. Neat.

Now, they're holding hands and praying. Awwww. And they're singing. Not very well, but it is early in the morning. (One of the women has a nice voice, though.) Somewhere over the rainbow. Cute.

They're smiling. Those Episcopalians are always smiling. Makes you want to go to their church. Hey, that's not a bad idea.

See you in church!

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